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Your Future doesn't just happen  -  It is shaped by your own Choices 

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In my personal life I lived important challenges impacting my views on life and leading to revisit my priorities, shaping my daily life into increased happiness and peace of mind. 

I learned, and still learn, to make choices as a grounded adult, released from messages and patterns from the past.

Here is what I do : I listen. I ask questions. I clarify. I reflect the essence of what I hear or observe so that you can see yourself and work from your Core-Self.    Then I assist in moving to the desired results.

I want to work with you to realize your own goals and unleash your full potential to create a better life!
Check out the photo gallery below illustrating my philosophy and views of life.

"Who is "I"?"

Did you know that we only live consciously for 10% of the time? The other 90% is driven by inner programs, 

acquired in our childhood.

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