JoCoach - Business & Life Coach - WORK and LIVE!

Goals to Work on with Your Coach
                                     Live a better and healthier life
               Find a career that works
                                          Get focused!
              Delegate more effctively so that I have more time to work on what matters most
           Improve the quality of my home life
                                 Make more time for me instead of living too much for others
   Take charge of my own life instead of letting other people run it for me
                            Dramatically improve the profitability of my company
               Feel a lot better about my family and about myself
                                                                   Improve what I see in the mirror
                        Increase the amount of money I have in savings
                                       Reduce what I am tolerating at work
       Learn how to make more money in the New Economy
                                                                              Stop procrastinating and be inventory free
                                      Create a business plan without taking three months to do so
                      Increase business with 20% without spending more on advertising
                        Become a better team leader so that employees love their jobs
      Get control over my spending money