Editing by Marzena Lesinska

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Business & Life Coach - 3Keys Practitioner - WORK and LIVE!

Here are some Goals from previous Clients

                                       Live a better and healthier life

        Find a career that works

                       Get focused!

                                                   Improve the quality of my home life

                                              Improve what I see in the mirror

                Reduce what I am tolerating at work        

       Stop procrastinating and be inventory free



by Marzena Lesinska

Anger, the horny cowboy

with flames in his hair

watch him shoot the messenger

for a moment of shameful glory

Pain, a femme fatale

addicted to devotion

her suffocating beauty

will not leave you unchanged

Fear, a fatigued beggar

shoulders burned by living

consumed by insatiable hunger

biting the hand that feeds him

Sadness, the mystery girl

with eyes of glistening blue

leaves memories of good times

like lipstick marks on empty wineglasses

Marzena Lesinska