Editing by Marzena Lesinska

JoCoach - PRO Consulting bvba

Business & Life Coach - 3Keys Practitioner - WORK and LIVE!

You want to live a better life, 
and glue the lose pieces together.

We will work with the 3Keys approach, a combination of MBTI(R) Enneagram and Inner Work. 3Keys work is based on the method of Pat Wyman, author of the book, Three Keys to Self-understanding. This method is different from traditional cognitive methods and focuses mainly on an affective approach, the only effective way to bring about a permanent change.
The 3Keys work is aimed to make you aware of the influence of unconscious programs and by means of affective right brain methodologies to release these false conclusions. This creates the opportunity to make decisions based on your own adult standards, values and needs and brings you more in touch with your own core.
In this way, clients are given the opportunity to overcome repetitive challenges and make decisions from a strong relationship with your authentic self, providing sustainable solutions that you can use for the rest of your life. The 3 Keys practitioner sees himself as the supervisor of the process, working with the client.

By exploring all the subconscious issues that cause the irrational defense system to be in place, I help to disengage the early programming. This then allows you to operate out of your True Self – part of your personality, with full access to all your commensurate gifts, talents and wisdom, to make better choices in life

Four coaching sessions of 180 minutes per month for 3 months, 
36 hours of personal development work

One follow-up session of 120 minutes per month for 6 months, 
12 hours of personal follow-up.